Another visit to the plastic surgeon

We just returned from the plastic surgeon's office. (Yes, I do go there a lot, if that is what you were thinking.) The nurse was able to expand the expander that is under her scalp, but the port which attaches to the expander under her forehead is still being funky. It was swollen again and the nurse drew off ~8ml of liquid. Hopefully this will be the last time. If it looks better tomorrow, I will do the expanding and then we'll be set for a once a week schedule for the next several weeks. We're also going to keep her on the antibiotics for a while longer. H. is a great patient and thought she doesn't like the process is as good as gold during the procedure.

Now I can move along to the next item on my to-do list... making 6 dozen rolls. I'm pretty sure that I could forget nearly any other part of the Thanksgiving menu and life would continue, but if I forgot the rolls, the holiday would be declared void and we'd have to do it all again.


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