A moment to breathe

I've been on the go for longer than I want to think about today. I've been grocery shopping, waited for the repairman, and went to the Big Box store among other things. But as vital as having toilet paper in the house again is, I know that's not what you really want to read about. What you really want to know is how H. is doing.

Well, among all those other things, H. and I also made it up to the plastic surgeon's office to get the drains removed. Hooray! This always feels like such a big step. After we are sure the that holes where the drains were have completely stopped draining, H. will be allowed to take a shower and wash her hair. On top of that, H. is also feeling a lot better. Yesterday was a difficult day pain-wise and it took while to get it under control. I take it very seriously when H. tells me when she doesn't feel well, because letting me know she is uncomfortable is still something that we are working on. If she says it hurts, it must really hurt. Today, though, she is perky and animated and back to her normal goofy self. It's really nice to see.

H. has the weekend to finish recuperating and then on Tuesday, we go back to the surgeon's to have the first expansion. I'll also load up on supplies so I can do the next bunch at home. Let the fun begin. (Insert sarcastic emoticon.) The good thing about this surgery is that the doctor did more than just insert the expanders... he also cut out a couple of nevi that ran around her cheek and jawline. Those places are looking so good. It all looks significantly better even with the stitches. I'm excited for when she heals enough that I can show you a picture.

My moment to breath is now over and must continue on my marathon that this day has turned into. It continues into tomorrow, so I would be very surprised if any sort of blog post happens tomorrow. Sunday should be calm. I'm looking forward to Sunday.


Glad to hear things are looking better! Best wishes for a continued smooth recovery for her.

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