A good example of why I shouldn't write at night

I could write an article that's due tomorrow or I could procrastinate, write a blog post, have a cookie, do some crochet instead. Guess which one I'm picking. It's not complete procrastination since the holiday sweatshop that my life becomes in December has begun a little early. Once again, I have vague misgivings of whether I have over-estimated my time. Since it's only November 15, I will not allow myself to begin panicking... yet.

One thing I did not procrastinate about (though I was cutting it close) was sorting through the winter wear. I can't think of anyone who likes this particular job, but it needs to be done. Even after living in this cold climate for the past 30 years, it is hard to shake off my desert roots. What?! It's going to get cold? Again? When M. was born, I wasn't even quite sure what all she needed to keep her warm. I know now what is needed, of course. I also know that you can save every pair of snow pants you've ever bought and you still will be missing the size a child currently is. I know that mittens and gloves are like socks in that one of the pair is always disappearing. Besides this, I've also learned that snow boots shrink while in storage so that every pair of them is too small for the feet they must fit on. And, last but not least, Mom will never has as much or as warm snow gear as her children do.

Things weren't too bad once I got it all sorted out. I need a few things, but on the whole it wasn't bad. This is good because as I write this it is currently snowing outside and seems to be sticking. My children are thrilled. If you've dozed off, you can wake up now. I may need to make a new category: boring posts with no point. I shouldn't write at night. Which is why I'm not writing that article...


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