With friends like these

We are blessed with some very good friends who take an active interest in us and our children. One friend came over once a week to watch little people while I took the older girls to their horseback riding lesson. Another friend has developed a great relationship with TM and D. and several times a year will take them out and do something fun. We are richly blessed to have friends like these in our lives and our children's lives. It makes our job a little bit easier.

Last Friday, was one of these boys' outings. Miss C. took TM and D. to Navy Pier. They had dinner. They rode the Ferris Wheel. They rode the carousel. They had a fantastic time. On top of it being a great time for our boys, it also allowed J. and I to go to that fancy dinner.

I think they had a really good time. What do you think? These are all from the Ferris Wheel.

It's even better that we have friends who will take my boys on the Ferris Wheel. I do not like them. (Ferris Wheels, not the boys.) I really have no intention of going on one with my children despite L. asking me every time we drive by it, "Momma, when will you take us to that amusement park so that we can ride the Ferris wheel?" Sorry, just can't do it, despite the lovely grammar and vocabulary.


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