Happy 12th Birthday, TM!

Today is TM's 12th birthday. He strongly dislikes the date his birthday falls on, so we will be celebrating this weekend. But today is the day he turns 12, so I'm writing my birthday post.

TM has come so far in the past year. He has worked hard and is so much better in control of the big emotions and feelings he has roiling around in him and is getting better able to identify and (sometimes) talk about those feelings. It has also not been an easy year as we have identified some past events that significantly alter how his therapist works with him. They are things that in the long run are good to know and address, but it's not easy.

This is all good stuff and it comes with ups and downs, but the best thing in my book is that we are more and more seeing the 'real' boy that has been buried in deep, deep pain and fear. We are seeing him smile more. We are seeing him able to laugh. We are seeing him able to help. We are seeing him slowly allow himself to become a part of the family. We are seeing him able to relax. None of this happens all the time, but even to have these things appear sometimes is more than we could have hoped for a couple of years ago. God is slowly healing this child.

So, my darling boy. Happy Birthday. The love I have for you is deep and strong. You have changed me and forced me to become a better person than I ever would have been if I had not fought to love you and help you. I may not have given birth to you, but you could not be more my son if I had. May this year be another of healing and growth and joy and peace.


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