An Elsa book - by L.

L. dictated a story to whomever would listen and write down the words. Once she had her story, she has carted it around with her and insisted that it be read whenever the whim struck her. Today, she insisted that everyone stop what they were doing and listen to me read the story out loud. She even took it to the library so she would have something to read while she was there. (The irony of the idea seemed to pass right by her.) Do you want to hear the Elsa story?

"Tell the guards to open up the gates.

Nobody can come in my castle unless I say.

Nobody can come in Queen Elsa's town where she makes lots of Olafs.

Nobody will come in my castle until I say because you guys can take my crown.

Come in my castle now you can."

And lest you think that L. is the only quirky one in the house, here is evidence of other quirkiness.

G., sitting on the couch next to me asks, "Mommy, do you ever put you foot on your head and talk into it?" and then proceeds to use her foot as a telephone.

As we were driving downtown over the weekend, K. perks up and asks, "Oh, oh! Are we going to pass by that little cute museum? I love that museum!" I'm thinking, what little cute museum did we go to? The only museum we went to last week was the Art Institute. So I ask, "K, do you mean the museum we went to on Thursday with the paintings?"
K. gets more excited. "Yeah, yeah, that one! I love that one! It's so little and cute!"
I'm pretty sure never in the existence of the Art Institute of Chicago has it been called a little and cute museum.

I am feeling much better today, but coherent thought is still a bit difficult, thus this blog post is brought to you by my children.


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