A girl and her family

Here are the promised pictures from H.'s birthday.

Here is the cake that D. and TM made. It says "Happy 12th Birthday" and has a butterfly.

This was a kit to make pom-pom dogs. I think she liked it.

I think you can see that we are seeing her personality is blooming. I don't claim to have any special abilities, but feeling safe and loved and challenged (in a good way) is good for a child. Institutional care, no matter how good, can never provide the same level of safety and love that being in a healthy family can. Remember these two girls?

Tina - If you go to the Twenty Less site, there are several new videos of Tina. Please go and look at them. 

Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves to be loved. Could you provide that love and safety for a child? For one of these children? They wait and wait and wait. I know Grace has been waiting for years because we met her when we brought H. home. I believe Tina has been waiting just as long. No one has chosen them. These children won't just be referred to a family, they will wait until they are chosen. 

And do you want to know what it's like to wait for a family to choose you? Go and read the my friend's daughter's blog, The Flower that Blooms. (She has written it in Mandarin, but there are translations after each post.) Just go read it.


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