Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday, P.!

Today is P.'s 14th birthday. A fact that none of us can forget because we've had daily countdown notices for the past several weeks. It's even better that her horseback riding lesson is this afternoon, because for P., life just doesn't get any better than riding horses.

I love this girl so much and have had the privilege of watching her blossom into a lovey and competent young woman over the past year. She has developed interests that she is, in true Curry form, pursuing with diligence bordering on obsession (and I can say this because I and many of my other children do the exact same thing) and it is a joy to watch. I now know more about Japan than I ever thought I would and it is just from hanging out alongside my daughter.

P. has also really stepped into the oldest child at home role with grace and good humor. With M. and B. back at school and A. there for a significant amount of time during the week, that leaves P. as the one in charge when I'm unavailable. She has been great... responsible and caring with her younger brothers and sisters. When the Japanese student stayed with us for a few days, P. was an excellent hostess and I attribute the good time the student had to P.'s efforts.

So, happy birthday, P. I love you and cannot wait to see what you do and where life leads you (and us.)
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