Thursday, August 14, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation -- a diary by Gretel

Day 1

There are suitcases out. I do not like suitcases, they make me nervous.
There is the leash. Now I will go for a walk and my people will leave.
Oh, wait. I am getting in the van. I do not like the van because it means I am getting a shot.
We are still riding in the van. This makes me nervous. And excited. And nervous. And I wonder when I will get the shot. I decide to sleep with my head under the bench so they ca not see me.
Now we are stopping. Everyone is getting out. I am getting out, too. I know I am going to get a shot.
Hey, wait! All my people are walking away! Hey, stop! What if they get lost? I must bark. I must bark very loudly and all the time so they do not get lost.
Everyone came back. My barking worked.
We ride some more. Maybe I am not getting a shot.
We stop again. Everyone gets out. I get out. They take off my leash. I can run! And sniff! And run! There are no cars here for me to run into. This is fun!
We go down to the lake. I get to swim! And run! And swim! And run! See how fast I run!
Now it is night. I do not want to sleep. I want to sniff and run. I am in my crate so I cannot do these things. This is sad. I cry. My person takes me out. I can sniff things! My person puts me back in my crate. It is sad. I cry. My person takes me out again! I can run and sniff things! My person puts me back in my crate. It is sad. I cry. My person doesn't care. It is sad.

Day 2

I play on the beach. I swim. I chase my people in boats. I run. I chase the stick. I swim. I run. I chase.
I love the beach.
I am a beach dog.
I love this place.
I love my people.
I cannot stop swimming and running and swimming and running.
Must keep swimming and running and swimming and running.

Day 3

Overdid it.
I am sore.
I am tired.
I walk funny.
It is raining so I will sleep.
My people just sit and stare at things.
I sleep.

Day 4

Stick chasing!
My people make me rest in the afternoon. I do not like it. Maybe I like it a little bit.

Then we get in the car again. Maybe I will get a shot. I am nervous. I am excited. Maybe I am tired. I will sleep.


Angie Butcher said...

Love this! :)

sandwichinwi said...

My girls are roaring! Great job on your diary, Gretl! Maybe you should take up writing.


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