Madison Avenue would be proud

A friend dropped by a bag of coats for us the other day thinking we could use them. It was quite a jackpot since every single item in the bag worked. The two pieces A. (who was helping me) and I weren't quite sure about were the fleece ponchos. But they were so cute... and the same size... and in two different colors... they were perfect for two little girls we knew. Now. G. and L. are not always predictable (that is quite an understatement, by the way) and I never know what they will love or not love. A lot depends on presentation and little luck. So I sent A. out to the little girls with the ponchos and a plea to sell them well. 

So guess what my genius child came up with. "Hey, G. and L., look what I have for you. They are capes... superhero capes... that are special because they keep you warm!" It was the perfect spin and G. and L. decided the 'warm superhero capes' were pretty darn cool. 

Here's G. modelling hers...

and L. "modelling" hers... despite the promised bribe of a chocolate chip.


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