It's hard to be one of many

After a summer of my older children going hither and yon, everyone is back together again for a couple of weeks, then begins a new school year and once again moving older children back onto campus. So I'm enjoying the family togetherness while I can get it. In the midst of everyone catching up and enjoying each other's company, there have been some funny things that have come up. My children notice that there are some things about growing up in a large family that are different from many of their friend's experiences. Here is a short list of things they have come up with.

1. Every parent has trouble getting a child's name right the first time, but when you have multiple siblings, the list of potential names to try before the parent hits the correct one is quite long. And sometimes your parent does not even quite remember the order of ages and will accidentally call your younger brother your older brother multiple times within the same minute even while trying to correct the problem.

2. When visiting friend's homes, you find it hard not to laugh at the cookware because it is so little and cute.

3. Answering the question of how many brothers and sisters you have is not always a simple thing. Sometimes it involves using fingers to determine with correct number of boys and girls and please, don't try to discover the ages of the siblings.

4. When you leave home and start to live on your own, you discover that you are incapable of cooking for any less than a dozen people. Cooking for one or maybe two people, proves to be an impossibility and you often find you need to invite the rest of your friends over to eat the surplus.

5. While most people find living in a dorm to be a bit loud and crazy, children with many siblings seem to find it a quiet and relaxing place. More than once I've had a child mention that it will be nice to go back to school where it is quiet.

6. If you miss dinner, there will not be leftovers for you when you get home, even if the dinner was your favorite meal.

Yes, it is a hard life I'm asking my children to live. Poor things.


Carla said…
I love this post! It made me laugh. I grew up in a family of 7 children and so many of these fit me so well. The first year I had a garden after I was married, I planted beans like I was feeding a family of 9 instead of just the two of us! Ha!

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