Carl, the little red pencil sharpener

Once upon a time, there was a little red pencil sharpener named, Carl.

He was a happy little pencil sharpener, but he was lonely. He traveled around looking for a family he could help. He was also a very helpful little pencil sharpener. Where could he find a nice home to live.

His wanderings took him far and wide. Then one day he arrived at a house where all of the pencils looked like this. Here was a family who needed him!

Carl, the little red pencil sharpener got right to work. He held each pencil carefully and sharpened it until it was sharp enough to be a lethal weapon. Carl was also a very well behaved little pencil sharpener and never sharpened the pencils down to a nub.

The people in the house were happy. All of their pencils were sharp. Very, very sharp. The family loved Carl so much that there was not one single dull or broken pencil in the house.

Carl was happy. The family was happy. The pencils were sharp. And everyone looked forward to living happily ever after together.
Carl is actually the Carl Angel-5 pencil sharpener in red. He also comes in blue and green and black and hot pink. After years and years of buying pencil sharpeners that work for a while and then break, I did some research and discovered this little cutie. So far, so good, and according to the reviews, the blades can also be replaced. What I love about it, besides its read cuteness, is that to put the pencil in you press the black knobs on top together which opens up the space for the pencil. When the are released, a mechanism grips the pencil which frees your hand to hold the sharpener while you turn the crank. The silver part helps to feed the pencil in as you turn. You really can't sharpen so much that the pencil wears down to nothing. (A real problem in a house with many children.) Can you tell I'm really happy with it?


Lucy said…
It is possible to buy the old fashioned metal classroom pencil sharpeners on ebay, for quite reasonable prices. We found one that even has this same pencil holding feature. I am hoping the old, metal one will last longer than a plastic one.
Anonymous said…
Replaceable blades? I'm in! :) - Rebecca G.

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