The mysteries of life

Aside from the perpetual question of what happens to single socks, why is it that...

Every single time I walk by the children's bathroom I must flush the toilet and turn out the lights... even if I walked by it just five minutes before?

I routinely pick up random nails and screws which appear on the ground?

There seems to be some force which repels game instructions from being placed inside the game box?

There are no pens in the drawer (or anywhere else) even though I buy them by the bucketful?

and related to that...

Why are there no erasers on the nearly new pencils?


What is going on with the monarch caterpillar who seems to be trying to turn into a chrysalis but, from experience, I know he is not nearly big enough?

I think he is dead. Perhaps he had secret hopes of joining L.'s pet collection. That makes us 0 for 2 in raising caterpillars this year, which is odd because we have raised them successfully (in the same way) many times in previous years.


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