Simplicity 4927

I've been doing just a little bit of sewing, despite the fact I have several things cut out and sitting on my sewing table. Here are a pair of dresses I did get done. It's a very simple pattern, yet because I've been enjoying the nice weather just a bit too much, it took me a month. After I made them, I discovered a bonus. They are big enough and the style and color of the dresses is just right to put over longer layers in the fall and keep using them. I love that.

My two little models were feeling cooperative when I took pictures of them in their dresses. G. has a pair of pink sandals that match L.'s purple ones, but they must have been kicked off when she came in from church. J. and I think they are not looking quite so look-alike in these pictures... or is it just us?

(L. on left and G. on right)

And as a bonus, I was able to use some of my grandmother's antique buttons for the fasteners. You gotta love dresses without zippers of button holes (these use elastic to close attach to the buttons).

The question is, at the rate I'm sewing this summer, will I get to the things I planned on making in time for the intended wearers to wear the clothes before it gets too cold or they are outgrown? I guess we'll have to wait and see. 


Lucy said…
L looks a lot like B in those pictures, or at least the pictures of B :-)

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