O glorious day

Yesterday morning was so beautiful here... deep blue sky, no humidity, temperatures in the upper 70's... that I decided we needed to go somewhere outside. So we made an impromptu picnic (and by we, I mean HG made the sandwiches and I took a shower) and set out for the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was one of those perfect days where you could walk in the sunshine and not feel too hot, so it was wonderful to be able to walk around the gardens.

Some pictures from our outing:

Water lilies... I love water lilies

Most of the group


The waterfall... the place the children always want to visit and could stay at for hours



TM, D., G., L., K., and HG4

Beautiful day, isn't it?

D., K., and G.

D., TM, and P. (The little people were annoyed I didn't let them go down, too. Funny, I just didn't feel like fishing little people out of the water.)

A view of two of the Japanese island gardens

I've set a bad precedent, though. When today dawned as nice as yesterday, everyone instantly asked me, "What museum are we going to today?" Much to everyone's disappointment, we're staying home. Nice weather or not, I still have some things I need to do around the house.


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