More soggy camping

We spent the holiday weekend in Iowa with my brother and his family. My parents were also there, so it was a great big family reunion. Minus M....  sniff.

We camped because my brother's house is not huge and certainly not big enough to house 14 extra people. Plus, we're cheap and didn't want to spend money on hotel rooms, so we camped on his lawn. Here is our little tent city we set-up. Look carefully, there are four tents out there.

We helped do some work around the property.


Cousins did a lot of this,

And this....

And we did some more work. (This is A.)

There are great trees to climb.



More cousin bonding. This is B. and his same-age cousin.


J. helped to put up a tire swing. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of my husband and brother throwing the croquet ball up into the tree to get the rope around the very high branch. A video would have been even better.



All of my parents' grandchildren. (Minus M.... sniff.... sense a theme?)

(Almost) the whole family

The tire swing was very, very popular.

G. and L.

We took a walk down the road to a park by a creek.

L. and D.

And there were sparklers on the 4th.

A., G. (who wasn't sure she liked them) and B.

The weather was beautiful until the last night we were there, when it stormed and stormed and stormed. Some of the tents probably should be retired based on their inability to keep out water. One of the boy's tents and HG's tent were more like swimming pools by morning. Things were packed up into the trailer in the rain... soaking wet.

Which means that when you get home you have to let things dry out.

It was a fun, if damp, vacation. Back to real life again today.


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