Friday, July 18, 2014

Life with L.

Life with L. is never dull. She is currently sitting on my lap because her "pet" [read dead] moth has disappeared. She was happily playing with her pet and now he has vanished. It's terribly sad because now the moth cannot meet the "pet" [read dead] lady bug she keeps in her room. I think it would be an understatement to say that L. has an active imagination.

Two nights ago, as people were getting ready for bed, I noticed L. had found a small electronic game which she was using as a cell phone. She had it up to her and was pacing and talking and gesturing with her other hand. (I'm sure that reminds me of someone I know. M. claims it is me.) I just happened to overhear a brief part of her conversation. To listen to it, it sounded all the world like any other conversation you would overhear when an adult is talking on their phone.

L.: What the heck do you mean?!
(Pauses to listen to reply)
L..: I have two suggestions...

She then goes on to elaborate on these suggestions, but frankly, I was too occupied with not laughing out loud (and she had paced away) that I didn't catch them. I'm really dying to know what they were. This was just the middle and I think the conversation went on for about five minutes or so. It sounded so much like a real conversation, I could almost believe that she really did have Mickey (or whoever it was she was talking to) on the other end.

Her imagination is like that. It acts like some sort of vortex which pulls in unsuspecting passersby.

A. holding G. (in blue shirt) and L. (in grey)

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susan said...

One of my four year old pretends to be on the phone as well. Before he starts his conversation he looks at me and says "Quiet, I'm on the phlone."
I wonder where he has heard that before!

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