Homeschool planning

My family wants me back. I want the family room end of my kitchen back. I want to be done planning this year's school work and I am so close to being done. Every year I mistakenly think that I can have the school planning done in a week and this year I won't let it take over my life. And every year I am wrong. Want to see how wrong?

This wrong. It's not a pretty sight and everyone, including myself, is pretty tired of the obstacle course. What you see here nearly every resource we (me and my 9 students) will be using for the next school year. We have kindergarten, we have grade school interest-based projects, we have art lessons, we have high school curricula. All in a nice neat pile. (cough)

Some of the things we will be studying are the human body, the middles ages, Lewis and Clark, bookbinding, nine picture books to use Five in a Row style, and lots and lots of art projects. P. will be working on the history of Japan and A. wants to study the history of police work. Oh, and we're also going to be doing some work with maps and wayfinding.

So what's left? Well, I have all the resources bought or library records recorded, so I think my shopping is done except for a few more craft supplies. I am in the middle of typing everyone's schedules into the computer (yes, I do all this long hand), and I hope to finish today. I have a couple of games to make and quite a bit of photocopying to do. Oh, and I still need to make the paper model of the human body so I can figure out how it is going to work before doing it with the masses.

Tomorrow is my self-imposed dead line and I think I will make it. And it will be so nice. Everything will be put away and papers will be sorted into binders. Then, there will still be the entire month of August to enjoy stress-free because I will have done all my thinking and won't have to worry if I will run out of time (like last year) to get the planning done before the beginning of the school year.

You'll know how well I did if you see a post here tomorrow. It it's here, I'm done, it it's not, then you can assume that I am still buried under a pile of books and may never see the light of day again.


I'm in photocopy mode today. We're going to be doing human body and middle ages, too. :) MFW is our base curriculum.

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