A month o' cousins

We currently have 19 people living in the Big Ugly House. J's brother and his family are staying with us for a few days and it's been great to catch up and let cousins get reacquainted. There has a been a lot of playing and a lot of over-tired children. Last night we had a big family reunion with all of J.'s siblings and their families... with still more cousins and still more playing and still more over-tired children. 

My children are blessed with an abundance of cousins. Between both sides of the family, there are 14 first cousins and they are all in the same age range as mine. Since I only had one brother and no cousins growing up, this makes me so happy. 

Lots of aunts and uncles... lots of cousins (of all sorts, first cousins, first cousins-once-removed, and second cousins) all of whom we see on a fairly regular basis. It is an embarrassment of riches. 

Now, back to the fun.


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