The first June birthday bash... or Happy 19th birthday B. and Happy 5th birthday G. and L.

We have a lot of June celebrations in the Big Ugly House. Eight to be exact; 7 birthdays and 1 anniversary. To make things simple, I decided to combine several of the birthdays into one big celebration. Last night we celebrated HG3's (though now he is HG4), B., G., and L.' birthdays. To cover all bases, we had both pie and cake. 

A. made panda cupcakes.

I made peach pies.

The pies brought the funniest moment of the evening. You'll see I wrote the ages being celebrated on the pies. I even pointed out to B. that I had done so. He said he had noticed. Then J. points out that B. isn't turning 18, but is turning 19. B. and I look at each other and burst out laughing because neither of us had really caught onto him turning 19. You'll be happy to know he now knows how old he will be tomorrow.

Here are a few scenes from the evening. We sang one round of 'Happy Birthday' and each person had a candle or two to blow out. (We never seem to have a dessert that candles can be put in anyway.)

Then came the presents.


So Happy Birthday (a day early) to B., G., and L. (For those who are new here, these three share a birthday. I'm pretty sure the little girls are the best gift that we ever gave B.) I love you all so much.


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