Mail from Mickey

Several weeks ago, L. (who LOVES Mickey Mouse) decided she would write Mickey a letter. She asked A. to write the letters as she dictated. Here is her letter. (It reads: Dear Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle, I will come visit you when I am 5 years old. I like to dress up as Superman. I am very excited to meet you. Love, L)

I seemed to remember that there was an address to send fan mail to Mickey, so we looked it up and mailed it. It was worth the stamp because L. was going to be insistent that it really be mailed. For the first few days L. hovered around the mail box waiting to see if her return letter from Mickey arrived. Then, thankfully, she forgot about the letter and only occasionally asked when it would arrive.

And then on Saturday it arrived! Oh glorious day! A letter from Mickey and all his friends. L. loves it and is even planning on bringing it along on our trip later this week. 

Notice L. has now entered the goofy, forced smile phase.

Now, about the content of that letter. No, I do not know how L. got it in her head that she would be visiting Mickey when she was five. I haven't broken the news to her, yet. I'm hoping she will forget that was on her agenda for this next year, because it won't be happening. Have you looked at ticket prices for Mickey's home recently? It's a big number and then when you multiply it by 15?! Yow! I think we'll stick with writing letters. When you're five, mail addressed to you and a trip are about equal in excitement.


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