Just can't wait

I went to a homeschooling conference on Thursday to shop the vender hall for next year's supplies, and came home with several bags of books and resources. My children seem to have inherited my love of books, because just having them sit around and not use them has been difficult. Some things I really will keep until fall, but others I am letting them start in right now. I was planning on doing some school-type stuff throughout the summer anyway.

"No, you can't do any math right now. We have to save it for September," said no mother ever.

There is another story from the weekend that I've gone back and forth about whether to share or not. It feels so private but at the same time, it highlights the need that some children have for families. It breaks my heart every time I think about it. Before we left church to come home yesterday, H., G., and L. needed to use the rest room. HG and I were waiting out in the hallway chatting, when we hear the most gut-wrenching howl of terror coming from inside the bathroom. I knew it was H. We dashed to the rest room and I find that H. cannot figure out how to open the latch on the stall. It wasn't stuck and I was able to get her to try again, but her terror was so instantaneous that she couldn't do anything but howl. It took her a few minutes of shaking in my arms to calm down. I am so broken up about what must have happened to my girl to cause such a visceral reaction of fear. I hate that children are hurt and afraid. I hate that so many of them wait for families.

I will take this opportunity to remind you once again of some girls who need families of their own. A mommy and daddy to hold them when they are afraid and assure them they will never be left again. (Links will take you to other places where I have written about them.)


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