Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Over the weekend we went to a BBQ at a friend's house and they had chalk to use on their long driveway for the various children who were there. Suddenly everyone was playing hopscotch and HG even taught us how to play a Honduran version. When we got home the hopscotch craze continued and my front walk is covered with various hopscotch games, some more traditional than others.

My favorite is this one:

It starts in front of my house and goes on and on. Notice that TM added to it on the front end so used negative numbers for the squares.

The hopscotch game continues down the block for four houses. If you look down the sidewalk you see a person in a blue shirt standing far, far away. That is H. who is at the end of the hopscotch game.

The last square is labelled 134, so that makes a total of 138 squares once you add in the negative ones.

It's great exercise and good for certain people's large muscle development. H. can do about half of it before collapsing. TM, the human perpetual energy machine, on the other hand, can do the whole thing. I will admit to not trying it, but have done portions of it to show H. how to do some of the trickier spots.

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