Happy 11th birthday, D.!

Today is D.'s birthday, though we won't celebrate until tomorrow since he is still up at church camp. It also marks the day of a three day in a row string of celebrations... tomorrow is J.'s birthday and the next day is our anniversary (our 23rd). Is it any wonder that I have a love/hate relationship with June? This also marks the day where we have three 11 year olds in the house.

It also caused me to do some math to figure out what years will have the most children in their teens living here. It's a tie between when the virtual triplets turn 13 and when they turn 16. Both years will see five teens in the house. Don't read too much trepidation into that statement, because I happen to like the age. I actually find it (the count of teens in the house) more interesting than anything.

Anyway, back to D. I love this not-so-little boy so much. He is perhaps one of the most empathetic people I know. He really just loves people. He also has a most remarkable memory. I'm not sure if it is quite to photographic levels, but for the most part, if he hears or reads something once, he remembers it. Anything that he has heard that has struck his fancy, he can usually remember verbatim. He will then repeat the interesting thing over and over, but that's another story. He's just good company.

So Happy Birthday, D.! I love you!


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