Hair extensions

H.'s hair extension arrived not too long ago and I wanted to share with you how it works. I think it makes the shaved part of her head virtually unnoticeable. It's made out of human hair and the color is a perfect match. Here is what it looks like.

There are two little combs that open up with a little pressure (just like barrettes).

The little combs slide over the short hairs that are growing in and attach really securely. Here is what it looks like when its in. (It's on H's left side.)

Can't tell, huh?

Worth every penny.

I had a couple of questions about shampoo and smell. First, the odor from the medicine. I'm not sure I can really describe it. It has just a vaguely unpleasant smell and I'm not really good and describing scents. Maybe a little sour? Definitely just 'off', not what children, even dirty ones, usually smell like. It does not smell like a child under constant anxiety and fear, though. I know that smell. TM would smell like that before some of his more major rages and K. smelled like that for the first two years he lived with us (poor little guy). This is not that smell.

I also wanted to wait until H. had used her new shampoo by herself to see if it really did the trick in taking the odor away. I'm very happy to report that it does. I can also tell you what the shampoo is and admit to it being the most expensive shampoo I've ever bought in my life. (I tend toward buying the 98 cent variety at the drug store, my older children have all rebelled and purchase their own shampoo.) So, while this is probably in line with other salon-type shampoo, it's a whole lot more than I usually spend. But, it is worth every penny to me if it takes away one more thing that made H. seem different. The shampoo is Solu Shampoo by Davines, for those who were interested.
Obviously it is not Saturday and I'm back online. After some more phone calls on J.'s part, we got an actual repair man to come out and replace the modem instead of waiting for one to eventually arrive in the mail. This is very good since we are scheduled to do an online homeschooling conference before the modem was due to arrive. You know it's bad when, as the repairman is leaving, he mentions that the company will be calling to take a survey on how he did and says several times that the survey is just about him and not about the company.


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