Catching up on pictures

My mother reminded me that she is still waiting for pictures from D.'s birthday. Here they are.

We also celebrated J.'s birthday. You know we have candle issues in our house... never having a dessert that can hold them and my penchant for recycling them over and over. I think this is a new low (high?) in candle recycling. It's hard to see, but B. is holding a '4' and a '6' and four single candles, which if you add all those numbers together you get the somewhat milestone age that J. just turned. I don't think he minds me outing him on the internet. Much.

D. actually had candles that said his age: 11. And they were new! You should have heard the exclamations over using new candles.

Opening presents.

(That smile is for the camera, Grammy and Grandpa.)

I also wanted to show you photographic proof that we don't have a crazy Lab in the house, but merely an over sized gerbil. I walked through the house yesterday and started seeing little bits of cardboard strewn around.

And then I saw what they had come from. Yes, Gretel, the gerbil-dog, has been on the move.


And.... I have some very, very good news to share. The little girl, Lena, who I have been advocating for has a family. They have submitted the first paperwork needed and are on their way to being able to bring her home!!!!


Lucy said…
Hey, it was an empty box! Our chewy pup opened up a case of glass coke bottles, pulled one out and proceeded to break it open on the hard slate floor. Not a chance of blaming a gerbil for that.
Anonymous said…
Yes! I am so grateful that Lena has a family who is pursuing her. What a joy to hear that she will know the love of a family for however many days God grants her. I am sure she will be a delight with her sweet little laugh and shy smile.
Kim Crawford

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