A little bragging... and a few pictures

As I was getting H.'s work out yesterday morning, I happened to flip through her work and took a look at the very first exercise she had done in that particular series. I was just amazed at the transformation, so I thought I would share. She has been using Draw Write Now series (which I love), and it has been a good fit for her. Here is her very first effort when we started.

Don't get me wrong. I was very pleased with what she had done. She works extremely hard and at first, copying the step-by-step pictures was very difficult for her.

Here is what she did last week. She did it quickly and easily and even better, she could pretty much read it on her own with just a little help from me for a couple of the trickier words. I am particularly struck by the improvement in her printing.

Now, we move onto some pretty random pictures. Just because.

First, D. drew this on a dry erase board and was rather proud of it, but realized the medium did not make for longevity, so he took some pictures. I promised I would put it on the blog.

And finally, I took some more pictures of G. and L. in the second set of dresses our friend gave to them. Talk about night and day, huh? (G. on left and L. on right)


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