The before

First, thank you so much to everyone who is praying for my dear boy. It means more to me than you can possibly know and I get a little teary every time I think about it. Please, don't stop!

But since we are beginning to embark on making the Big Ugly House a little less ugly, I wanted to show you before pictures. We spent the morning cleaning out the boys' room (no small feat) and we're off to buy paint in just a little bit. So, to show you what things look like around here on a daily basis (in case you had any illusions left about us), here is what the boys' room looked like this morning... and what it looks like every morning.

K. (who used to be in this room, too), left his mark all over. We should have named him Zorro.

And if you were ever wondering what three boys do to a room in 6 years, take a look. Ewww!

And now, never seen before on this blog are the rooms behind the locked door. You'll understand momentarily why we keep it locked. This is where B. will probably some more demolition in the next month.... after he's done playing in the garden, that is.

From the doorway

Inside the main room

Inside the rounded room (which I love and think that someday in the far future would be a really excellent sewing room). If you look up at the line drawing in the header, this is the room that looks like a little tower on top of the house.

More ugliness.

Yes, that's a completely fake fireplace someone built. It's backed with horrible red flocked material.

And now the boys and I are off to pick-out paint. They did a great job of clearing their room this morning and I want to keep the momentum going.


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