Rockin' the headband... or it's a good thing I own a serger

I think we have discovered a hair solution for the time being... wide, stretchy headbands. I have a lot of knit fabric in my stash, so each morning for the past three days, I look at what H. is wearing and make a new one to match. At some point, we should have enough choices that I won't need to do that anymore.

Here are some photos from today, five days after surgery. The stitches and swelling are still very visible, but you can get a sense of what the surgeon was able to do.

She doesn't like the stitches, she doesn't like the shaved hair, and she is much more self-conscious about how she look now than when she had the expanders in. Understandably, she is feeling a little emotionally tender these days. It's as though this surgery has allowed some walls she had built up to come tumbling down. It's a really good thing, but hard to watch your child suffer through.


Angie Butcher said…
The difference is amazing! She looks really great.
Jo said…
She looks great!
sandwichinwi said…
Wow! She looks fantastic! You look so pretty in the headbands, H, and I can see a big difference in your face already! Be patient, sweet girl. It will only get better and better.

Molly said…
Wow! They did amazing work! Those look like they will heal beautifully. Keep it up H! The headbands are adorable and exactly what the big girls are doing these days.
Amy said…
I see a big difference this surgery. H looks great and the headbands are very cute!
Amy said…
I just had to share that my oldest, Shan Jiang, who lived with H in China said she looks awesome. He is very happy for her.

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