Just a little party

Yesterday HG was baptized and I thought the occasion called for celebration, so invited three other families to have lunch with us. That doesn't sound like too much, huh? Well, there were 34 people here (we invited our pastor and his family as well), with 29 children. (Though counting 'children' is becoming more difficult because some of them aren't exactly children anymore.) We served 8 pounds of pasta and the other mothers brought salad, bread, and cake. It was a fun afternoon with many children playing in the back yard on the zip line, slack line, and with jump ropes. (I sometimes look at my back yard and think perhaps I should have a waiver form I ask parents to sign.) The most exciting part of the afternoon came when a bird flew into the house. It was eventually caught and let go outside.

Sorry, I have no pictures because we were all enjoying the party and didn't think to take any. We are now off to another get-together (and we had one on Saturday and two last weekend). I think we will just come home and collapse. All this socializing is exhausting!


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