Out of sorts

That's how I'm feeling, and I better do something about it soon because the hyper-sensitive among us are starting to pick-up on it and then it will be all downhill from here. I have the beginnings of a big art project planned for everyone on Friday, so perhaps I will spend some time making examples to show everyone this afternoon. That sounds more inspiring than paying the bills, huh?

While I'm sorting myself out, here's a photo of the t-shirt I made for K. for his birthday. That's the Incredible Hulk on it, and I've never had such trouble sewing an item of clothing. The embroidery took hours to sew out and I had multiple broken needles and other frustrations. But K. loves it, so it was worth it.


Rebecca G said…
Hi Elizabeth - not a comment but couldn't figure out another way to contact you! Have you seen the kids' color/design books by Mark Gonyea? Evanston library has them. Thought maybe some of your kids would like them. Best, Rebecca Gallo
thecurryseven said…
Thanks, Rebecca. I looked him up and now have some holds at the library. I think my people will find it all interesting.


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