Oh yeah, I remember this part

And that would be the part when the littles collectively lose all self-control after having held it together during a stressful few days. (For the most part the middles and bigs have been fine, though one middle has just stomped upstairs due to perceived injustice. And not the one you think.)  It has been very loud around here this morning. I even called J. at work and left a message on his voice mail of a particularly loud great big noisy fit, just so he wouldn't feel left out. I'm nice like that.

I'm pretty sure this happens every time, but I guess I conveniently block it out of my memory. I'm writing it down this time so that maybe I'll remember for the next surgery and can plan accordingly. Or at least have a substantial supply of chocolate on hand. It actually feels like a Monday after a long vacation.

On the plus side, H. is doing well. I broke the news to her about her hair to her last night and she took it well, though she hasn't seen it yet. She did want to see her forehead, so after I bandaged the rest of her head I helped her look in the mirror. I think she was pleased. What I noticed this morning when I was rewrapping her head made me very happy. Before, she had had a fairly large and significant scar running straight along the center of her head, right where a center part would be. I become a little fixated with styling her hair so this was less evident. The scar is gone! The surgeon was able to cut it all out and replace it with some of the new scalp and I can tell the suture lines (I keep wanting to call them seam lines because it does look as though she was literally sewn together at the moment) are much smaller than what was there before. They are also not a straight line so the hair won't want to naturally fall along them as it did with the huge, straight scar. I told this good news to H. and she was pleased. Her comment helped convince me that we really are doing the right thing. (I have more than a few moments of wondering... it is not a pleasant process.) She said, "I look like all you guys?" And I was able to say, "Yes, once everything heals and grows back, you'll look like everyone else." It felt good.


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