Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fool's on me

Well, I've been to the plastic surgeon's office and back today. Except that when I walked into the office and started talking with the receptionist I realized that I was a little early for the appointment. That would be 24 hours early to be exact. The appointment is for tomorrow. So tomorrow morning bright and early, I'll make the 1/2 hour drive... again.

Then on the way home, I didn't run out of gas. But only because the van has a low fuel light that dings and goes on and I knew where there was a near by gas station. I even looked at the gas gauge when I left this morning and thought to myself, "Oh good, the van has a full tank of gas," and never thought about it again. That would be because yesterday I was driving the small car. The small car's and the van's gas gauges are opposite from each other, with the empty side on the right in the van and the full side on the right in the small car. The small car did have a full tank of gas and so the needle was all the way to the right. When I looked at the van's gauge, it was all the way to the right as well, which meant that I drove 20 minutes on the highway with the needle on empty the whole way. Ignorance is bliss.

I'm a little fearful about what other jokes I'm going to inadvertently play on myself today. I'm thinking that crawling back into bed with a good book might be the safest course of action. Of course, that would mean that the masses would be unsupervised and left to their own devices, the end result could possibly be the ultimate joke of all. So, I guess I won't do that.

Instead, I'll show you some pictures from K.'s birthday celebration last night.

The cake A. made for him. You can read more about it on her cake blog.

K. with his cake.

K. being goofy... his usual mode of operation.

One of the few non-blurry picture of K. opening his gifts. He is constantly in motion.

This is more what it is like to be around him.

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