Thursday, March 06, 2014

Visiting with cousins

We are finishing up our stay here in Denver visiting cousins. Since we don't see them often enough, some time is always wasted in the reaquaintance game. You play this game by staring silently at your cousins as if you had never seen them before in your life. The staring continues until your parents get fed up with it and threaten dire consequences if your do not go away and start interacting with one another.

Once the game was done, much playing and fun happened. There was jumping on the trampoline and playing games and jumping on the trampoline and eating and jumping on the trampoline and playing in the park and jumping on the trampoline and just laughing together and jumping on the trampoline. I think they spent at least 6 hours jumping today. The little girls were nearly dead on their feet and fell asleep before their bedtime song ended. It has been a good visit.

Here are some pictures from our trip down to a local park.

So you see the pants I bought TM? They would be the orange ones which make your eyes bleed. He loves all things neon and really thinks these pants are some of the best things I've ever given him. We don't lose him.





Plus one snowball fight with the remains of the snow. It was beautiful and warm despite the little patches of snow that were still on the ground.

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