Step one

In order for us to leave for sunnier climes on Tuesday morning, we must first excavate the trailer from the snow and ice.

Actually, to be more specific, we need to excavate the back gate from the snow and ice. The trailer must exit the backyard through the gate, but the gate won't open because of the ice. So J. unbolted the hinges thinking that we could just lift the gate and then once the trailer is through, reattach the hinges. This would be an excellent plan if the bottom of the gate wasn't being held in place by inches of ice. As you look at this picture of the back gate, realize that the only thing that is holding it up is the ice in which the bottom is embedded.

Here is the scene in the alley. That is J. using some heavy sharp object working on chipping away at the ice while D. holds a heat gun trying the melt the ice away.

Here is their progress so far.

It's a lot of ice. Just looking at the above pictures doesn't really give you sense of the depth of the ice. It is about three inches thick. You can get a better idea by looking at the tire ruts down the alley. What looks like a nice curb covered by snow is actually all ice. The ground is three or four inches below where J. is kneeling by the fence.

This is what little people are doing while the excavation is happening. Play, play, play.

G. (on left) and L. in the treehouse

We will get the trailer out in order to leave on Tuesday. The lure of sun and warmth is a powerful incentive.


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