Happy 8th Birthday, K.!

K. turns 8 today. If you happen to know him in real life, you already know this because he has been telling everyone he meets that today is his birthday. He has been telling us today is his birthday as well. In case we forget, you know. K. is just a little bit excited about his birthday. He is also convinced that today is forecast to be the first really nice day of spring because it is his birthday. To celebrate... everything... he is wearing shorts. (I'm not. I'll believe the forecast when I feel it.) Sadly, though, we are not taking the day off of work for him. I've already broken the bad news that math will happen today. It only slowed him down momentarily and then he went back to skipping around the room. (He didn't earn his family nickname of 'Skippy' for nothing.)

I honestly cannot believe he is 8 years old today. Has it really been almost 6 years since we brought him home? Watching this child blossom before our eyes has been sheer joy. He can do so much and has so many ideas. (Some of which we are all relieved that he cannot possibly carry out.) K. is also the bounciest, happiest, funniest, little boy we know. He (usually) embodies the word joy. He is still operating about two years behind his chronological age, but that's OK. His functioning age continues to grow along with his chronological age. We have the luxury of not having to worry about what his actual grade is; he just does the work that is appropriate for him at the moment. And when he is 30, it won't make a fig of difference.

Happy Birthday, my cute-as-a-button boy. I love you so much! You are so talented and bright and funny. You make me smile and my heart melt. I am so glad you are my son.

(K. has requested that A. make him a Lightening McQueen cake for his birthday. [I know that's difficult to believe.] I will have pictures of it tomorrow.)


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