Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday, A.!

My brother and sister-in-law are great sports. Not only did I call them a couple of months ago and ask if they would mind putting up 13 people, I also asked if they could throw A. a little birthday party. They were thrilled to do both. (Have I mentioned that I have the best family?)

A. even got to choose her birthday dinner. She's pretty easy to please because she started out by saying anything was fine as long as it wasn't okra, but then moved on to fried rice. My sister-in-law not only made her what she wanted, but also made three pies for dessert.

Here's A. opening presents with brothers, sisters, and cousins gathered around to watch.

She received many cake decorating supplies...

and a phone. (She's just a little excited about the phone.)

Happy birthday to my darling daughter. You are smart and funny and determined and talented and I love you to pieces. I am so proud of everything you do. How you got to be 16 already, though, is still a mystery to me.

(We have a day off from driving tomorrow because we will be hanging around here to catch up with family who we don't see nearly often enough.)

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Kristin Mueller said...

Happy Birthday A! And I am so impressed that with all you had to pack, you remembered the presents as well! :)

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