Friday, March 28, 2014

Back to advocating

When you live in the world of adoption, you become aware of children who need homes. For those of us who have adopted, I think these needs strike us just a little more forcefully than for those who haven't. You see, our sons and daughters are former orphans. We have seen the transformation which happens when a child is loved and has a place of belonging in the world. We have been in institutions and seen face after face of children who long for this love and belonging. We have learned that these are real children, individual children, flesh and blood children, and not just some name on a list and a collections of diagnoses. They are so much more. Sometimes we are asked if are going to adopt every orphan in the world, as if the desire to is somehow wrong. And you know what? If I could, I would. If it were in my power to give every one of these children a home I would.

Sometimes there is one child out of the dozens and dozens I read about that strikes a chord with me. I don't know why. At least once, it was because that child was my daughter. Other times, it seems to be merely my role to advocate for them. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Here is the latest child who I feel the need to advocate for:

This is Lena and she has a complex heart condition which may or may not be repairable in the US. It is not repairable in her country. It should not be her lot in life to die having never known what it is to be part of a family, yet at this point, unless a family steps forward to make her their daughter, that is her fate. It is a miracle that she is even alive at this point... be a part of a greater miracle and be her family.

Read more about Lena at the New Day Foster Home blog.

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PMueller said...

Lena was one of the little girls that completly stole my heart in china! Also she and I share a birthday!!

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