1 van, 13 people, and 1700 miles

Tomorrow is the big day. We are very nearly packed, the trailer (which is out of the ice and snow) is loaded, and it's down to just last minute stuff to put in the van in the morning. If I could sedate the children for the next 18 hours or so, I would. I think the build-up to this trip has been worse than the build-up to Christmas. I've never been so glad to have a day's worth of doctor's appointments. Some people need the distraction more than others. Let's just say that suitcases, travel, and excitement in general are all potent triggers and it was a very long weekend. Very. Long.

H. was well enough to have her expanders filled this morning, and I even did one myself. Sticking the noodle in wasn't as hard as I feared, but it still feels wrong to go sticking needles in heads. But I know I can do it now. Which is good because I'm flying solo for the next two fillings.

I think we're set with everything we need... medical supplies, recorded books, books to read, food to eat, more books to read, and plenty of warm weather clothes. I still can't quite believe that we will be able to wear them. I've kind of forgotten what it feels like to be even marginally warm much less actually hot.

So, we're off. Early tomorrow morning, we'll give Gretel some good-by pats and head out the door. (Don't worry about Gretel, she'll be home with our dog sitter/trainer who I think is her very favorite person in the world. Plus, I think she rather enjoys the break from the crazy chaos.) As a bonus, and an incentive to get out the door in a timely manner, we are going to be crashing the home of our friends for lunch. This is a family who was in our travel group when we brought H. home and we are excited to see them again. It is a good friend who says, "Welcome!" when you suggest that you descend upon them at the last minute with 13 people. We won't be able to stay long, because we have a 12 hour travel day planned, but it will be a nice break.

I will be blogging along the way. I have delusions of being a travel writer, and think others might find it interesting to read what it's like to travel across the country with 13 people. If the whole idea strikes you as the equivalent of being trapped in someone's living room while they show endless vacation slides, feel free to take a break and come in a couple of weeks.

Warm weather here we come! (Don't hate us.)


LisaE. said…
It was so good to see everyone! I'm happy that we could open our noisy house to you. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you this summer too! Your children are delightful. We enjoyed it very much!

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