Valentine's Day Party

We had a little Valentine's Day party here yesterday. Just us and 13 of our closest friends, making for 24 people in all. Oh, and a dog.

A. made a cake...

Then another mom planned a mailbox making craft and everyone spent most of the time creating their mailboxes so that they could receive their Valentines. And then once the mailboxes were made, the Valentines needed to be delivered.

A few of the older people decided they didn't need to make mailboxes, so they got piles of Valentines instead.

More delivering...

And then there were many treats. Here is everyone.

The posed version...

And the one they didn't know I was taking.

Everyone took their mailboxes home to open and look inside, so we opened ours after the party.

H. and TM

L. and A.



L. and G.




Anonymous said…
Hysterical, the difference between the posed and the unposed photo. Most of the older kids in the background being the only difference. It's fun to see personalities in the photos. Great photos. Thanks.

I love the cake, great job A.

I'm so glad the drains are out. Life is easier with the drains out. I'm hoping this week goes easier. H. Is in my prayers.

Elizabeth L.

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