Monday, February 17, 2014

Since I spend my life going to doctor's appointments...

there are just some days there is literally no time to do much of anything else. Today is such a day. This morning, I took H. into the plastic surgeon's office so that the drains in head could be removed. This is always a fantastic event because it means she can go back to showering and makes her feel much more human and less patient-like. Hooray! This afternoon is my little four jaunt to TM's therapist. In the snow. Again.

A commentor had asked about parenting and control since I had mentioned in a previous post. I have been thinking about it a lot and it is a huge topic. I was thrilled to see today that the Parenting with Connection blog has a new post up about control, particularly in dealing with children of trauma. (Need I mention that it is not just children who have been adopted that can have past trauma? Take a look at the ACE's test to see all of the things that can contribute to trauma.) It is great and now I don't have to write about the angle. Tomorrow, which according to the calendar is a much less scheduled day, I will tackle parenting and control in general.

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