Making stuff

Have you noticed we like to make stuff around here? (I use the word 'stuff' because it annoys A. I'm always telling her she may not use the word in her writing because she can find a more descriptive one, so when I use it, it gives her something to comment on. I point out that knowingly using a term is fine. But I digress... again.) Aside from the Roman mosaics, there have been a few other things which have been created.

M. is taking a three-dimensional art class at school and their first assignment was to install in a large project made out of fabric in a place of the student's choice. M. received permission to install hers in an unused shower.

It's a difficult project to take a picture of, but do you see the large tentacles coming out of the shower door? Supposedly they just want to hug you, but I have my doubts. When she writes more about making the project on her Tumblr page, I'll share the link with you.

My own creation was a bit more pedestrian. I showed you the skirt I drafted and made a while back, and now I have made a second one. This one is a bit fuller in the skirt and is very comfortable to wear. I also very slightly tweaked the fit, so I think it fits even better than the first one.

The trouble with showing you the fit of an item of clothing is that I have to appear in the picture.

Me: Hey, A., take of picture of me in this skirt.
A.: You look really stiff. You don't really stand like that.

Me: Well, how do am I supposed to stand? (Trying to look more natural.)
A.: Hahahaha... now you look like you're trying to look like a model. (I tell you there's nothing like your 15 year old daughter laughing at you.)

Many small people: We'll stand with you, Mommy!

A.: But now you're all covering up the skirt! (Can you tell she's laughing at the whole project?)

There... best picture yet.

Here's what I really want to show off. Invisible zipper (with matching seams) and notice how the pinstripes on the skirt line-up? This makes me happy.

And forgive me while I continue to push traffic to A.'s new blog. She has another post up about her next experiment. I'm actually a little impressed with how she is writing about what she is trying out and the way she is using the blog to keep track of what she's learning. My checkbook is also happy that she's found a way to practice cake decorating which doesn't involve making more cake. Take a look:  ABCakes

Please keep H. in your prayers on Monday. Her surgery is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am. And so begins our adventures in tissue expansion. Deep breath.


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