Ringing in 2014

Last was our annual family New Year's Eve party. There was quite a crowd... at the peak there were 14 adults, 12 college/twenty-somethings, 7 high schoolers, and 16 children and baby, making for 49 people all total. Oh, and one Labrador who was probably more trouble than everyone combined. There was much running around, playing, games, eating, and chatting. At midnight we toasted the New Year with either champagne or sparkling cider and the annual singing of Auld Lang Syne. This was followed by the traditional comments of how long and fairly odd the song is. Nevertheless, it still makes me a bit teary to hear it sung surrounded people I love because it marks one more year that we are all still together.

One of the highlights of the evening was having five special girls young women all together again for a time. These are the original five participants of the girls' Bible study that I lead and they are all still close, close friends. It was good to see them all and to see them all together.

The year has started out well so far. All the littles in the house slept until 9:30 am which is fairly unprecedented. I know the college/twenty-something group who were camping out in various places around the house overnight (so as to avoid driving home in bad weather with crazy drivers) also appreciated the chance to sleep in. So, with 18 people fed and occupied, the New Year's beans cooking away on the stove, and the prospect of nothing we have to do and not where we have to go, it is a happy and relaxing way to spend the day.

Happy New Year's to you and yours!


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