Queen Elsa

One of the fun family activities we did over Christmas break was to take everyone to see the movie, Frozen. Some family members really, really loved it. One of the favorite activities now is to sing the songs from it all the time. A. and TM are quite accommodating and hook their iPods up to speakers so the little girls can listen to the music. All. The. Time.

L., as is her wont, has embraced the movie in her own unique way. No more Superman around here, she has transformed into Queen Elsa from the movie. For four straight days she has chosen dresses and tights... because that's what Queen Elsa wears. Then into the second day, she found a random Lego piece that looked vaguely like a crown that she insisted we bobby pin on her head. This was find for a while, but it would come off and it didn't look like a real crown. The wonderful thing about having your designer older sister still home for break is that when you complain about your lack of crown, she offers to make you one. And not only does she make one, she makes it to your own specifications... it has to be a circle so it stays on the head and it has to have pokey things on top.

M. now has orders to make crowns for other young family members. G. has been willing to play Princess Anna to L.'s Queen Elsa, but she hasn't embraced it quite as fully. Plus, there was the fight the other day over which girl got to have ice powers... L. was not willing to share and G. really thought she should. It's a funny life when you have so spend time negotiating the sharing of imaginary powers.


Owlhaven said…
We just brought our younger girls to see it tonight and they loved it!

Angie Butcher said…
Our girls also loved it. It's the first movie we've considered seeing twice in the theater.

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