It's a party all the time

We are just a little chilly here at the moment (-15 degrees, last I looked), and as a result, A. has abandoned the Folly and has moved up into G. and L.' room. Actually she moved up there after the ski accident because we thought that extremely bruised and sore legs would fare better in a warmer environment. It was so fun and so warm that she decided to stay. G. and L. are loving it, because it is a party in their room all the time now. A. will put her iPod on the speakers and they will have dance partied together, or they will all snuggle together in bed, or A. will get out her camera and take dozens of pictures. 

Since we have been given a day's reprieve before life starts again (J.'s school closed), I am taking down all the Christmas decorations. While I have fun doing that, you can enjoy the fruits of A.'s last photo session with her little sisters. L. is in stripes and G. is in short sleeves (G.'s version of warm pajamas).


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