Crown factory

After a weekend of Romeo and Juliet, sending M. and B. back to school, and hours revising my schedule to make it match the reality of vacations and surgeries for the next few months all you get this morning are some pictures.

As I predicted, the crown that M. made for L. was hugely popular and all of the younger set needed crowns as well. TM wanted to get into the crown making action and made HG3 this one:

M. made a pink (by request) crown for G.

K. decided he wanted to make his own.

And TM made a butterfly crown for H.

And if you really feel the need for actual content, head over to Heart of the Matter and read my new article on Surviving the January Doldrums.


Anonymous said…
TM should know that he is a very talented crown-maker! JJ
sandwichinwi said…
Ooh! The butterfly crown is fabulous and very sweet!


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