We have made it home from our Thanksgiving road trip and we all had a great time. Everyone was relaxed and we were able to enjoy being with family, some of whom we only see once a year. I also made the decision to unplug myself during the holiday. No email or computer for five days. I can't even begin to tell you how lovely it was. It has made it a little difficult to get back to regular life where I do need to check my email at least once a day since people do try to communicate with me through it. Of course is also meant deleting over 300 emails to find the two or three real ones...

We didn't even take very many photographs; sometimes it just seems better to enjoy the moment rather than be consumed with documenting it. I did take a couple of pictures. Such as this one:

G. and L. spent a lot of time catching up on needed attention from B. and were not often far from him. Others spend significant time out at the bonfire burning up sticks and logs. H. was the surprise fire tender. She loved it and spent a lot of the holiday tending the fire and directing others as to how to pile on the wood. It made me so happy to see her so actively engaged and watch a little real personality shine through. K., D., and TM spent the bulk of their time playing with all the boy cousins who were there and many games of various sorts were played together by many children. Plus, we were staying at a hotel with a pool, so the time which wasn't spent playing games or playing with fire was spent in the pool. It was really kind of an idyllic holiday now that I write it all out.

So, now we are back home and working our way back into normal life with school work and doctor's appointments and such things. Of course, since it is now after Thanksgiving, we are doing it accompanied by Christmas music. It's all Christmas music all the time around here, folks.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with family and joy and thankfulness.


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