Wednesday, December 18, 2013

For the girls who like to be on the blog

Tuesday afternoons are when the girls' Bible study I lead meets. I have been doing this for a while, have seen the very first group all graduate and move onto college and am now meeting with their younger sisters. Can I just put the vague myth that seems to lurk out there to rest? The one that says children from large families are all fairly interchangeable? I can tell you they are not; each one is highly unique. It's one of the things which makes leading this group so interesting. I love the different personalities and perspectives and ideas that each girl has. Pretty much I just really like them all and am blessed to get to spend significant time with them each week.

Yesterday we decided to set aside our study and have a party instead. They also really love to appear on the blog, so I said I would take a picture and put it up to share with you. Usually there are 7 of them... we were missing one of them yesterday. They are beautiful girls, aren't they? Inside and out.

D. wins for best photo bomb of the year.

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