Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Not paying bills

Well, I have been paying bills this afternoon, but the whole thing has been so painful that I have to intersperse the unpleasant parts with reading interesting articles I found on the internet. Some were so interesting, I thought I would share them with you. You'll also discern how much I was avoiding the bills by the number of links I'm giving you and by the fact that one of them involves football. This shows real desperation to avoid unpleasantness on my part.

Let's just say up front that some of them not all of my readers may agree with, but you have to agree that they are thought provoking. (And high blood pressure provoking if you make the mistake of reading the comments on some... take my advice and just leave the comments alone. 'K?)

So, without further ado.. my reading list for bill avoidance:

On child-bearing and number of children: Fecundphobia: the growing fear of children and fertile women
And if you didn't read it in the above article, the link to the interview of the football player and the shocking fact his wife is expecting their 7th child: Who's Crying Now?

On adoption fund raising: Fundraising Adoption Fees: fair or foul?

Some brouhaha on Common Core (Which, if you couldn't have guessed, I am strongly opposed to. It's never a good idea to have a combination of corporation and government thinking they have control over our children.): Common Core, Social Media, and a Teacher's Displeasure with Parents

On brain science and reading: The Reading Brain in the Digital Age:The Science of Paper versus Screens

A very cute doll tutorial than could very well be put to use here in the coming months: Act 3A: Fairytale Doll

And finally, a blog I read because it's sometimes like picking a scab. Attic 24 is the blog that encouraged me to try to crochet again, but she lives in England and I'm not sure I can take anymore of the photos she posts on her walks. I like to try to convince myself that people really don't live where there is this type of scenery. (Hey, I'm in IL, folks... we are pretty scenery deprived, Lake Michigan aside.): Attic 24

You all enjoy reading these. I still have a couple of checks to write.


Dianna Auton said...

Totally with you on common core. It's a bad bad thing.

Dianna Auton said...

Oh and so with you on bill avoidance as well. LOL Not that it can happen but wish we didn't have to do it. lol

Lucy said...

I had to bookmark the Attic24 blog. Some really lovely stuff there, reminds me of Victoria magazine in the good old days.

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