Costumes 2013

There's been lots happening around here. We'll start with this year's costumes and save the rest for another day.

First is L. as a cowboy.

And when you're L. and you're in a costume, you must pose. These were both 'cowboy poses'.

G. was a panda... and Pandy had to be in the picture as well, though he stayed home from candy gathering. It was far too wet.

K. (yes, it really is him under there) was The Hulk.

D. was a magician... he even had a magic trick he did at various houses. He discovered that a successfully done magic trick earned him an extra piece of candy.

H. was a butterfly. TM helped make the wings and she really loved them. That's her hair braided and with wire through it make the antennae.

HGbaby was butterfly and looked very cute, but left it on only long enough to have a picture taken and HG3 was Spiderman and had a grand time hanging out with The Hulk and gathering candy. Sorry I can't share pictures.

The only other person to dress up was A. Here she is as Alice in Wonderland with P15 who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts. It's hard to see, but Alice is carrying a rabbit with a pocket watch. These two spent most of the evening passing out candy to visitors.

Very wet pumpkins which had to stay under the porch roof.

It was funny to me that the number of pumpkins (and we still didn't do a separate pumpkin for every child in the house) caused a lot of comment among parents coming to the door with their children. The only other interesting comments was when J. was leaving with the children who were gathering candy and the people coming up the walk wanted to know why our house had so many children around it. I didn't catch the response when Alice and the Queen of Hearts answered that they lived here. I think it was dead silence... that possibility evidently hadn't entered their heads.

A fun night all together, if a bit wet.


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